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Created in 2011 by Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist, EFVVA is a childrenswear brand from Krakow. Ewa graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow where she studied painting.

Ewa grew up in an artistic family where design and art intertwined with each other each day - follow this path worked out as a child was natural, but the birth of the first son became the inspiration for the merger of three loves life: painting, design, and children-The EFVVA Brand was born. Each season is inspired by an art trend or an artist persona. 

Alongside season collection, EFVVA is presenting a capsule Gambion collection inspired by the brand’s logo.

Gambion was invented by Ewa’s son - Hugo, who saw the orange dragon friend in a dream. Gambion’s love for Krakow, arts and Polish snacks made him stay. He moved into the family house of EFVVA where he permanently occupies a dressing closet. Gambion is a friend to all the children and inspires them to go on adventures and get to know the unknown. 

In order to guarantee the full transparency, all the production and supply chain can be traced back to Poland. Ewa herself has full visibility into ‘who made your clothes’. 

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