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Ewa Wróbel -Hultqvist


  • Instagram - Czarny Krąg

 Ewa graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow where she studied painting. Each season is inspired by an arts trend or an artist persona.

In order to guarantee the full transparency, all the production and supply chain can be traced back to Poland. Ewa herself has full visibility into ‘who made your clothes’.

The collection takes inspiration from art and the urgent issue of the climate change that is the single greatest threat to the future of the planet and the children.

‘I have always encouraged my children to be aware of what is around them: the blue sky, the deep ocean, the wild forest. I believe that it is our responsibility to pass on this consciousness in order to preserve the environment for the future generations. I do it the best way I can - by educating through my designs.’

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