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🐕🐶 Stroking, cuddling Rhodesian Ridgeback and Beagle can't compare to anything! The younger son once told me that he would like to have Simba (our first Rhodesian) always with him, to be able to cuddle him at night, on trips, in the car, on the plane, etc.

That's when I came up with the idea of designing and producing a plush version of the Rhodesian and naming it Simba in memory of our first Ridgback.

Now Theo hugs Simba and Koko in the plush version and reminds us of the bond that binds us to these wonderful dogs. No matter how far apart.



  • Toys are sewn by hand in Poland, from anti-allergic materials.
    They do not have sewn-on plastic elements (such as nose and eyes) so they are safe for small children. Size 40x34 cm

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